Are you looking for Yoga consultant in Delhi NCR? Then your search ends here. Turn Persevere provides the best yoga consultation in Delhi NCR. We provide Yoga consultation for yoga classes, yoga business, yoga courses, yoga workshops etc.

We can help you achieve the goals and dreams that you have for your yoga studio, classes or course. Though our online resources and one-on-one coaching we can teach you the strategies and powerful business processes that assist you with marketing, billing, staffing, and get and keeping customers.

Turn Persevere helps yoga studio owners get current, increase their cash flow, and feel more excited about going to work every day! 

Why we are different from other business coaches:

Yoga business consulting

While other consultants or coaches might teach a variety of customers from all types of industries, our program is designed specifically for yoga studios. We have optimized our strategies and materials specifically for the unique needs of yoga studios.

 We are a team of people

 Most business coaches are just individuals who come with their unique set of skills and knowledge. Our consultants come from a variety of backgrounds and skills set to be able to provide you expertise in marketing, technology, business management, business systems, and human resources specifically for yoga studios. We work as a team so if your studio needs marketing expertise you can work with our marketing expert, and if you need technical expertise you can work with our technology and internet expert. You have the knowledge and skills of multiple people helping you achieve your goals.

All our consultants are certified

 While anyone can call themselves a business consultant, our team is university trained in business, marketing, and Yoga. Our consultants also attend seminars and conferences throughout the year to discover strategies, technologies, and business methods being used in other industries and how we can modify those strategies and methods to meet the unique needs of yoga studios.

Through Turn Persevere you will:       

  • Create a clear vision & business plan
  • Learn proven, good feeling sales & marketing techniques
  • Understand how to keep your finger on the pulse through easy in-depth reporting
  • Improve the output & enthusiasm of your staff
  • Feel empowered & invigorated in the driver’s seat of your yoga business!

In addition to yoga teacher trainings, we also offer:

Personalized Yoga Coaching (Virtual, In-Person, Or In-Studio)

Do you want more out of your life? Are you interested in yoga but aren’t sure where to start?
Let’s be honest, life changes are intimidating and scary. And one of the big reasons most of us get stuck in ruts is because we don’t have someone supportive in our life (or, like me, you overthink things and end up talking yourself out of it).

Whether you’re new to yoga, working through an injury or personal life change, or just need some one-on-one support, we can meet in person, over the phone, or via FaceTime / Skype. This could be a single hour, a few times per week, or monthly check-ins. We’ll create a personalized yoga program just for you and help you get excited and motivated about your life again. 

Corporate Wellness & Yoga Development

Are your health premiums sky rocketing? Do you want to stay competitive as a company?
Successful companies are now including employee wellness as one of their top priorities. Wellness and yoga programs within your company help improve employee health and morale, lower healthcare costs, and decrease stress while increasing productivity.
Over the course of several preliminary meetings, we will develop a customized yoga and wellness plan. We’ll work together to analyze your population’s needs and culture, design the foundation of your in-house wellness committee and wellness programs, create customized yoga classes (both online and in-person), and help you build and maintain the health and wellbeing of your biggest asset. 

Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Do you want to earn more as a yoga teacher? Do you need support in your professional growth?
Making a comfortable living as a yoga teacher can be really hard.  If you just got certified to teach, if you’re an existing teacher who’s stuck in a rut, or you want to explore a different style of yoga, I can help you take your teaching to the next level.  I offer support through:

  • Continuing education  
  • Class & Sequence planning
  • Teaching feedback (how’s your teaching style translating to your students and is your class anatomically safe?)
  • Marketing support
  • Job search assistance

Studio Consulting

Do you know how to spend your start-up money? Have you had to cancel one or more yoga teacher trainings?
In the heavily-saturated yoga market, with more and more yoga studios popping up every single day, how do you make your new or existing yoga studio stand out from the herd? I can help you build your new studio or revamp your existing studio. We’ll work together to come up with a plan to generate more revenue, control expenses, increase profit, cut back on labour, train (or retrain) your teachers and front-of-the-house staff, and improve and diversify your classes. Strengthen your marketing in all areas: online, community, and nation-wide.
If opening a studio is a daydream right now, I can help you from day one conceptualization, through writing a business plan, studio design, hiring and training of staff, marketing, website design, opening day, budgets and operations, scheduling, navigating the craziness of your first year, and being profitable from day one.

If you want to make your yoga business profitable than Turn Persevere is the best place for you.