Turn Persevere: Fitness Experts in Delhi NCR

As a full-service fitness consultant and fitness management company in Delhi NCR, Turn Persevere provides a wide variety of health, fitness and wellness consultation services to clients. Turn Persevere’ fitness consultancy services include design and planning services, facility layout and equipment recommendations for newly planned health and fitness facilities.

As a fitness consultant, we select, train and supervise qualified Fitness Directors and all other fitness and wellness staff including personal trainers, yoga and aerobics instructors, special class personnel, and all other facility staff. Turn Persevere also provides creative membership promotion, financial management and complete fitness and wellness program implementation in supervising all aspects of facility operations.

Turn Persevere provides fitness and wellness facility consultancy and management services for golf and country clubs, hotels and resorts, residential communities, office and corporate work sites and real estate developments worldwide. Our fitness programs and promotions have been instrumental in motivating fitness and wellness facility users to join the facility and to participate consistently in an enjoyable and diverse exercise regimen.

Feasibility Studies

As a full-service fitness, wellness and spa consultant, Turn Persevere develops feasibility studies which assist our clients in making the most informed decisions regarding the development and level of sophistication of their fitness/wellness and spa facilities.

Feasibility studies include:
• Market and demographic evaluation
• Competitive analysis
• Space plan recommendations
• Fitness and wellness menu and program recommendations
• Marketing and promotion recommendations
• Complete financial analysis with all assumptions

Design Consulting

To ensure that our clients receive the highest return on their investment, the Turn Persevere design team stays abreast of the top trends within the fitness and wellness industry. Whether it’s allocating the proper space, providing the right equipment recommendations or fixtures and finishes. Our goal is developing the most aesthetically pleasing, custom-designed, functional and cost-effective space that fits your specific needs.


What support can Turn Persevere provide in our recruitment of qualified staff?

Turn Persevere screens and interviews many applicants annually for positions within our firm and in the fitness/wellness, spa and leisure industries. We provide our clients with the right talent and “fit” to match your facility needs and requirements.

Turn Persevere can source and select the following fitness/wellness facility positions:
• Fitness/Wellness and Spa Directors
• Operations Managers
• Assistant Directors
• Marketing Sales Directors
• Membership Sales Personnel
• Program Directors
• All other key management staff, service providers and class instructors

Pre-Opening Services

What do I need to successfully open my fitness/wellness, spa or lifestyle facility?

Planning and preparation are crucial to the successful opening of your leisure facility. With Turn Persevere’s extensive experience, we can ensure a smooth pre-opening process.

Turn Persevere pre-opening services include:
• Timeline development
• Selection and training of all key management and support staff
• Creation of the entire programming and services menu
• Retail product selection and merchandising plan
• Financial projections including all revenue and expense assumptions
• Standard Operating Procedures and protocols
• Strategic marketing and membership sales plan